The ASU curriculum is designed to give you a powerful enrichment experience in science and mathematics. You will actively pursue an independent project and write a research paper, which you will present at the end of the program. Your professors will work closely with you on your project and will guide you in the preparation of your paper.

The 2016 Academic Program

Summer Ventures is a four week academic program allowing students to participate in a variety of research, demonstration, problem solving and technical writing coursework. Each student will investigate and complete an original research project. All students write a scientific paper about their investigation and give a research presentation to their class on the final day of the program.

Summer Ventures offers special instruction not available through high school classes. None of the offerings duplicate either the high school or the college curriculum. All of the classes are designed to enrich and complement college preparation. Students are expected to participate fully and perform as an independent learner.

Students should expect their professor to evaluate their work. These evaluations may be in the form of papers, projects, reports or by other means. A summary of the quality of the student's work will be provided. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a certificate at the closing ceremony.

To supplement your research skills, all students will participate in:

Technical Writing: Learning the unique written communication skills that scientists need for publications and presentations. Students will receive instruction within individual research classes as well as participate in writing workshops.

Students are required to attend their classes and all other academic components of the institute. In line with your academic interests, you will be assigned to one of the following research areas and work closely with a university professor and her/his staff.

~2016 Courses have not been finalized~

2015 Courses Offered

Research Courses

  • Aquatic Environmental Science
    Dr. Shea Tuberty, Mr. Scott Taylor, Mr. Kelly Ruff, & Mr. Brandon Tate
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    Mr. Caleb Marsh & Ms. Stephanie Smith
  • Flight Science
    Dr. John Cockman, Mr. Miles Guzman, & Mr. Daniel Ingram
  • Visual & Image Processing
    Dr. Rahman Tashakkori & TBA


Demonstration Courses

In addition to the research courses, each student will be assigned to one demonstration (non-investigative) course. These are:

  • Ethical Hacking 101
    Mr. Chris Taylor
  • Forensic Science
    Mrs. Susan Reese & Mrs. Jamie Branch
  • Interactive Science
    Mrs. Sherry Nikbakht
  • Physics Phenomena
    Mr. John Hollandsworth

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Lori Tyler
Program Director
121-B College of Education


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